How to Achieve Prostate Orgasms

Explore your own sexuality through prostate stimulation

You’re a horny man who’s open to experiments and wondering how you could enhance your sexy play time? You’ve read a comment somewhere describing prostate orgasm heaven? A friend of yours told you about it and got you curious?

Well then, hold your breath, grab a cup of coffee, dim the lights and keep on reading. We might have something interesting for you!

For many people who discovered this unique form of sexual pleasure, the prostate is a source of profound sexual delight. You’ll be surprised how different this kind of stimulation feels compared to just rubbing your dick. I’ll guarantee if executed correctly you’ll describe it nothing less than a fuckin’ awesome feeling.

Still, many orgasm seekers amongst us are too shy to try it out. Anal stimulation is considered taboo, they think it’s plain dirty or they even fear being labelled gay (Which honestly shouldn’t be a thing in the first place).

If you’re able to ignore those stigmas and willing to try something new you’re welcome to follow our guide how to get started with this exciting way to get more pleasure out of your body.

What is the prostate?

There’s many men who don’t know what a prostate is, the fact that they have one or what purpose it serves in general. If you don’t know it either, let me tell you this: It is heavily involved in your daily sexual endeavours and you can get much more out of it sexually than you could ever think of.

To make the explanation part short: It’s a small gland between the perineum and your bladder and part of the male reproductive system. It provides about 30% of your seminal fluid, which also transports the sperm you fire out of your testicles and through your poor exhausted cock after a long fapping session.

When ejaculating the prostatic fluid comes out first together with most of the sperm. Furthermore, it contains some so-called smooth muscles that assist the ejaculation process. And the most important part: It plays an undeniable role in getting you aroused.

Having orgasms through prostate stimulation

Patience is essential

Alright, let’s get started! The first thing you need to know is that you need a lot of patience to make this a joyful experience. This is what makes it different to your daily masturbation routine. Jumping into your bed, rubbing yourself off in a quick 10 minutes adventure will not get you a prostate orgasm.

You’ll need to start slowly and build up the tension as your body increases the overall excitement. If you do it right you will be able to experience body-shaking orgasms which will feel totally different from what you’re used to. You can even get multiple orgasms from it quite similar like women do.

Sex toy recommendation

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Have a toy already? Great! If not, you can consider checking out Aneros’ products for your anal play endeavours. You can check their toys at There’s lots of recommendations about them and I’ll see if I can find reviews about various toys later on to add them here.

Make yourself comfortable

The best way to start is making yourself comfortable. Dim the lights, put on some relaxing music and hop in the shower. You might want to take a bath as well. This will further help you feeling all cozy and ready to get horny. If you can, go to the toilet before so your rectum will be clean later and nothing messy will get in the way. After showering/bathing, dry yourself and lay down in your bed.

Avoid distractions

You should now focus only on your sensations and leave all other thoughts behind as distractions will keep you from enjoying it. Make sure your toy is all lubed up so it can slide in easily.

The best position to be able to relax while stimulating is kind of a fetal position. You lay on your side with one leg bent and the other one stretched. This way you should be able to reach over your thigh with your upper hand to insert the toy.

For a beginning it is also recommend to stay away from touching your penis. It can break the whole tension build-up process and give you a “normal” orgasm as well, which will stop your play time immediately.

Gently massaging the prostate

Be gentle, insert it slowly and not like a madman. Try to find the spot which gives you an unusual feeling. You might feel that you suddenly have an urge to pee. This will most probably be your prostate. Don’t worry, this feeling will pass after a few minutes. Just keep on building pressure slowly. If anything feels unpleasant, slow down and ease up a bit.

This whole procedure varies from man to man. It can take you 45 minutes or 2 hours. Just listen to your body and it’ll tell you how fast it can build up the arousal in your prostate and fill it up with its fluid. You might feel like your prostate is growing in size and it can start giving you throbbing sensations as well. With your heart rate increasing and pleasant pre-orgasm sensations rolling in you should have enough indicators that your body is ready to have a prostate orgasm.

Get ready for orgasm

That’s when you can finally go a little bit rougher to induce the fluid release and the shock waves rolling through your body. If you did it right you might even be able to get what people call a “full-body orgasm”.  Yes, it can be that intense!

As mentioned before, patience is the key to achieve prostate orgasm heaven! Some guys report that it took them even 3 years to get results, but it really all depends. Keep practicing and you’ll finally reach that goal. Just don’t give up if it doesn’t work after the first few tries. The more you practice the better results you will get. But whatever you do, be careful not to get addicted

Prostate stimulation without anal play

Massaging your perineum

You want to push things more slowly, but yet you are curious how to involve prostate stimulation in your masturbation session? Don’t worry, it’s easy to accomplish. Give it a try:

If you’ve never tried it before you’ll definitely notice a difference as soon as you’re approaching climax. It’s really simple to do. Just in case you’re still a bit afraid of butt play, it’s not involved in this at all in the following example.

This is how it works: When masturbating, pick one of your fingers – the middle finger would be my choice – and start slowly massaging your prostate from the outside wall of your perineum. It’s the area between your anus and your balls. About halfway between those two you should feel a walnut sized thing which is your prostate.

Don’t start too harsh. Be gentle, give it some pressure and try to listen to your body. If it hurts in any way, ease the pressure and go slowly. If it feels just about right to you, carry on and add a little bit more pressure every two minutes or so.

A throbbing prostate is a sign of arousal

As you get more and more closer to climax you may feel your prostate swelling a bit. The perineal spot you’re massaging might even feel an increased throbbing sensation. This is a straight sign of high arousal. The longer you delay you’re orgasm the more you’ll feel it.

Combine prostate stimulation with edging

If you’re wild and disciplined enough, you can combine this with edging to further multiply the arousal. Edging is a technique with the goal of staying as long as possible as close as you can at the “point of no return”, which marks the moment which makes orgasm inevitable.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but definitely doable. It’s best to start slowly, stimulating both your cock and perineum with just a light grip. Even better: At first, leave your glans out of play totally. This will tease your cock to beg for a soothing release even more.

Just touch it lightly every now and then and go back focusing on massaging just your shaft and your prostate from the outside. After about ten minutes start further including your glans. From now on, everything depends on how fast you proceed. To be able to hold back at the point of no return can be hard, still it is even more rewarding afterwards.

As soon as you feel that throbbing sensation between your legs you’ve grown familiar with in the last couple of years stop stimulating completely! Take a deep breath, wait a few seconds and continue with stimulation. Didn’t cum yet? Great, Continue!

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