Foot Fetish: How did you acquire your love for feet?

Where does it come from?

With boobs and ass as 1) and 2) out of the most favorite fetishes it seems that feet are holding on to a stable 3rd place. Toes, ankles, arches and heels – There are many different ways to find feet attractive.

Here are some of the answers we’ve got from people questioned about their love for feet:

The YouTube guy

“I stumbled upon videos on YouTube where woman show their feet to the viewers in order to turn them on. Since then I find myself more and more searching the web for pictures and videos of beautiful feet. I like them most with black painted toe nails.”

The public voyeur

“In summer when it’s hot outside, women wear less clothes and the body part which is exposed the most is definitely their feet. Intimate body parts like breasts or vaginas are hidden under bras and pants or skirts but you see many cute girls running around with flip flops or even bare feet. It somehow came out of nowhere but since a couple of years ago I focus more and more on feet when I’m outside imagining how they feel when I touch them… or even smell them. I know many people are disgusted at the thought of it but the more I think about it the more I indulge in this fetish of mine.”

The “I’m gonna try something new during sex” guy

“It happened more by accident while I was fucking my girlfriend when I was holding her legs, kissing them and finally arriving at her feet and gave them some treatment as well. I could feel my dick throbbing like hell and kept on going and she kind of liked that feeling. Since them I almost always lick her feet while we’re having sex. I admire her soft and cute soles so much.”

The porn addict

“I’m a porn addict as far back as I can think. So you get in touch with everything which exists in terms of fetishes. And eventually I was going to watch a lesbian video where two girls are worshipping each other’s feet which was a huge turn on for me. I also love watching girls licking and sucking on their own feet, spitting on them, and all that. For me it’s almost the same as if they masturbate themselves to orgasm – it’s just a different body part. It’s both a unique form of worshipping the own body which I really enjoy to watch.”

The 4chan lurker

“Well, I’m a long time lurker on 4chan’s /b/ and if you stay there long enough you will get a 100% chance to catch sight of a foot thread where users just post pictures of feet, soles and toes. I think those kind of fetishes rely in some way on how often you are exposed to them. If it clicks in your pleasure center you just get more and more attracted to it. I really think there’s an ‘attracted-to-xyz’ functionality in our brains which gets stronger every time it gets triggered. Especially when there’s high resolution images of women’s feet nowadays I simply can’t refrain from fapping like a crazy man until my balls are left empty and dried. Not sure what to think of those guys who post infected hobo feet on those threads, though.”

The kinky sub

“I was introduced to foot fetish from the BDSM perspective. As a submissive person it’s a special honor for me to serve my mistress’s feet when she’s standing on me and forces me to caress her toes with my tongue. It’s also quite hard to explain the adrenaline rush I feel if I get kicked in my balls by her sexy naked feet during a prolonged ballbusting session. If I behaved in a correctly manner I’m allowed to smell on them at the end. It might sound weird but the smell of her feet alone drives me crazy.”


Foot fetish can be developed in many different ways: During sex acts with your SO, after seeing feet every day out in the streets or simply by browsing through the internet.

Have a nice day! Your foot lovin’


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