E-Stim: Electrifying Hands-Free Orgasms

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E-stim is a powerful way to experience orgasms void of any mechanical stimulation. You might already heard of it as erotic electrostimulation or electrosex.

The result is what many refer to it as “hands-free orgasms”. It works by hooking up your genitals with electrodes connected to a power box. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

What is E-stim?

How electrostimulation works

The operating principle is quite simple. You plug in an E-stim unit to a power supply. It provides a 12V signal on one or two jacks where you can plug in your electro toys of choice and you’re good to go.

On each jack you plug in a cable which splits up into two electrodes – a positive and a negative one (almost always colored red and black). If the device has two jacks it would mean that it’s capable of delivering unique stimulation routines for two different channels (each with a red and black connector at the end).

E-stim power unit Erostek ET312B with two electrodes

For example, you could use one pair of electrodes between your glans and the base of your cock and another one between your left and right testicle. However you decide to set up yours, it’s lots of fun to experiment. You’ll eventually find your favorite electrode and the optimal placement on your genitals.

What does it feel like?

It depends on your setup, the device’s functionality and the intensity you choose. But most of the time it can be described as a tingling sensation, ranging from throbbing, vibrating and smooth stimulation all the way to sharp and stinging painful thrusts.

It’s totally up to you which mode you set! You can use it as a relaxing element in your daily masturbation routine after work and have amazingly intense orgasms with literally no effort. Or you’re receiving punishment through little E-stim shocks from your dom in a BDSM session.

What does it look like?

You’ve never seen how it looks like having a cock pulsing by electricity? It’s mind-blowing to go from flaccid to rock hard in a matter of seconds without touching it even once.

Here’s a video I’ve made for you with my power box for demonstration purposes:

You can see me turning up the volume around the 00:30 mark. That’s when I go from tickling pulses to a bit more thrusting and intense shocks. But still haven’t even reached 90% intensity of the medium power mode. (Yes, there’s a high power mode which is even more intense…)

How I discovered E-stim

Wiredpussy.com made me an E-stim addict

Vaginal and anal electrostimulation – Scene from Wiredpussy.com

I first got to know about E-stim through Kink.com’s videos well over 10 years ago. On their channel called Wiredpussy you could find submissive women being punished and forced to orgasm with cables all over the place connected to devices that looked like FM radios without an antenna.

These devices had a few knobs to play with and each time the volume of one of the knobs was changed you could see the poor sub girl twisting, screaming and moaning. That is, because they’ve had a conductive metal dildo in their vagina which changed the intensity of the electronic pulses accordingly.

I thought, “Wow, isn’t that dangerous?” (And yes, if you do it wrong, it certainly is – read more about safety precautions here), but I was hooked since day one. Over the years I’ve got more and more interested in that special way of stimulation.

The more you see it the more you want to try it

Each time I saw one of those hot naked women flinching at the use of those electro torture devices the urge to try it out myself grew stronger. Especially being able to cum without touching my cock made me immensely excited. But still being a bit of a pussy in this matter, I waited until the urge eventually took over and made me buy a power box myself.

At one point in 2009, I have already found out that they’ve been using a power box called “ET312-B” from a company called Erostek. Sadly to say, it was way out of my budget at that time so I continued the wait.

A few months later, in 2010 I finally decided to buy a low-cost TENS box starter set with 2 electrodes from a sex shop for a few bucks. I just wanted to be able to experience how it really feels as I couldn’t get that must-try thought out of my head.

Trying out E-stim for the first time

I rushed home, eagerly curious how it would feel like having myself with cables dangling all around my genital area ready to flip the power switch. And it’s honestly quite a good adrenaline rush because you simply don’t know what to expect. So I finally lay in my bed and turned the TENS box on.

Afraid of being electrocuted immediately I went extra slowly and at about 30% of turning the knob I started to feel it. A nice, but distinct sensation went through my cock – and I liked it! I played around with the intensity levels and enjoyed this completely new feeling down there. It was strangely funny watching my cock pulsing up and down without me being able to control the muscle movements.

My first hands-free E-stim orgasm

The most incredible part in my first E-Stim session ever was when I got near 100% intensity. I have set the pulse frequency to high, so it’s more like a continuous BZZZZZZZZ instead of an intermittent BZZ BZZ BZZ BZZ (you get the idea?). That’s when the muscles in my cock started to cramp and it felt like everything is going to burst down there. Bam! Orgasm! Huge cumhost! Wow! I’ve just had the first hands-free orgasm in my life ever! Goddamnit – that felt amazing!

Of course I’ve recorded my personal piece of history:

E-stim orgasms compared to conventional masturbation

In any way it’s incomparable with manual masturbation. Imagine yourself right at the point where the orgasm starts and you keep on stimulating with the same intensity. I think most of us aren’t capable of doing that simply because the glans is highly sensitive after climax and coordinating a controlled up-and-down arm movement is nearly impossible when cumming. Using E-Stim you shoot out a big load of cum and the stimulation just keeps on going. This prolonges the orgasm a few seconds and increases the overall intensity easily.

I kept playing with the TENS box for about 2 years until I got frustrated by changing batteries every week. When stimming every day you might also experience a tolerance build-up of sensitivity in your cock. This means the same power level will feel less intense the following day. Don’t worry, it’s definitely not permanent. Your cock will regain full sensitivity if you pause for about 3 or 4 days. Me, being now addicted to this amazing pleasures, ultimately got to a point where 9V batteries couldn’t deliver enough power to still give me the same strong orgasms as in the beginning.

That’s when I fondly glimpsed back at the notorious Erostek ET312-B – the “Mercedes of E-stim power units”. In 2012 I finally had enough money to spare to place the order and get myself one of those devilish electrosex boxes.

I need more power

I’ve ordered it together with a couple of new electrodes so I could play around a bit with it. And finally the day arrived I was holding it in my own hands.The almighty electrosex box!

With my two year experience of almost daily electrostim sessions I was surprised that I only could go up to about 50% of its maximum intensity at the beginning. It has lots of power to offer! A good amount of stimulation routines are already pre-installed and if you order a piece of software with it, you can even create your own modes on your computer! This made room for hours, weeks, no, even years of fun to play with.

I’ll write a blog post about all its functions in detail and when I get the chance to do it also will try out other power units to see what they offer. Until then, rest assured that I can recommend you the ET312B without a doubt!

Where can I get an E-stim power unit?

There are a few options you can choose from. I’ve listed them here for you sorted by model:

Erostek ET312B

Like I’ve mentioned before: I totally love this power box as it gave me and my gf great pleasures over the last years. If you’re into E-stim, you won’t regret buying it!

You can get the ET312B directly from erostek.com

Customers in Europe can get it here at regulation.co.uk

Erostek ET232

This one’s the little brother of the ET312B. I didn’t have the chance to try it out yet. From what I’ve heard it’s a good compromise if you want to explore E-stim with a potent power unit without spending too much money on it.

You can get the ET232 directoy from erostek.com

Customers in Europe can get it here at regulation.co.uk

2B Power Box

The E-Stim 2B Power Box is definitely on my bucket list as I’ve read lots of positive reviews about it. People describe it as different to the Erostek’s counterpart in terms of stimulation and customization options. Due to lack of my own experience with it I’ll provide you with a neat review on e-stim.net here.

Get it here at e-stim.co.uk

E-stim safety precautions

Whenever electricity is involed, there’s a few precautions one should take into account. First of all, whatever you might read on the internet or someone tries to convince you of: To make it a safe experience, never connect any body part above the waist.

There are plenty of videos or photos of people with electrodes placed on breasts and nearly everyone survived, but in my opinion it’s not a completely safe thing to do. Your heart functions by electrical impulses and you don’t want to mess with that. It’s just not worth it. Place them anywhere on your genitals, in your urethra (if working sterile), in your butt or on your feet if you like.

I like to minimize risks where I can so that’s what I recommend to you as well. But hey, I’m not your dad – you can still do what you want 🙂

To give you a quick safety checklist:

  • No electrodes above the waist! (Your heart doesn’t like interfering electrical impulses)
  • Don’t touch the electrodes with bare hands (You could create a current path between the electrode and your hand right through your body)
  • If you’re having a pacemaker, it’s recommended to stay away from E-stim completely (I’m throroughly sorry if that applies to you, but better be safe!)
  • Turn off the power unit before applying or removing electrodes
  • Don’t stim when operating machinery or vehicles (Silly idea, isn’t it?)
  • Apply enough gel to have a pleasurable current flow (I recommend Spectra 360 Electrode Gel)

More E-stim web sources

  • smartstim.com – Web forum with lots of useful information, discussions and audio files for stimulation
  • e-stim.net – Another forum where you can talk to other E-stim lovers
  • sexmachinereviews.co.uk – Great resource for E-stim reviews of power units and electrodes

Naughty regards from your crazy E-stim freak,


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